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Celebrate African American Lifestyle with the New Exclusive Black Millennial ‘Ed Hardy’

Afro Space was started for the people and by the people in the Midwest; United States of America. We changed direction and became a limited edition company.  We created a Black 'Ed Hardy' feel in our designs to engage the urban / music / skateboard community and so on. This American brand brings people together and sparks communication about how we as humans are more embracing of humanity.

These highly desirable items are limited to only 10,000 products produced globally. Afro Space artwork is commissioned by Napoleon Love. 10% of all profits go back to urban schools for filled backpacks with school supplies for kids.

"We wanted to provide exclusive t-shirts and gift items with cultural artwork that would appeal to all ages. People always want something original, that you won't see in the stores or malls. We are eager to provide these very limited edition products!" shares Napoleon Love, Founder and Creative Genius behind Afro Space.

Afro Space is a small, privately owned company that creates and sells original graphics on quality apparel and gift items through the internet. The company’s goal is to deliver highly unique, creative products that celebrate the African American / urban lifestyle interests and personalities.

Proceeds support our non profit Foundation 240.